This is a brief tutorial which will guide you through game controls and how to join the server.

The last tutorial was Tutorial 1: Setting up.

What are the basics?Edit

Let's start with joining the server. Every server on Minecraft has a Server Address.

RuneCraft's Server adress is: Not here yet

So when you connect to the server address you join the game. Let's connect to the RuneCraft Server and I will teach you some basic controls.

The ControlsEdit

  • The numbers 1 to 9 are all for your inventory.
  • If you press 0 you may perform a Special Attack, provided the weapon you are wielding has one. (This option is being polled right now.)
  • If you press Q, you will drop whatever was in your hand.
  • If you press W twice, you will begin to dash.
  • If you press the space bar, you will jump.
  • Left-Clicking is mostly used to attack.
  • Right-Clicking can be used to interact with various NPCs.